Venture Debt
Case Studies
We like our work to speak for itself
Developer of a social advocacy platform designed to conduct marketing by driving customer activation, along with customer acquisition.
The Situation
Older equity sponsors faced a balloon payment and needed a debt solution that cleared existing debt, injected more cash, and offerd a longer interest-only period to manage cash flow.
Our lending partners hooked us up with a sweet deal, letting us refinance our debt and pump up our working capital for growth.
Developer of truck and fleet management software designed to help solve vehicle control problems.
The Situation
Being a founder-funded business, over two decades old, traditional lenders found the profile challenging without an institutional equity sponsor.
We secured a $3.5MM CAD Credit Facility that allowed them to refinance their existing bank debt while also providing them room to grow into more capital utilization.
Developer of a platform intended for improving customer prospects.
The Situation
Being outside of traditional "SaaS" business model, several of the "go-to" lending solutions were not available.
Our lending partner structured a favorable, cost-effective debt facility that served to fund management's capital needs to execute on their strategy.
A tech-savvy mortgage lender using AI for home financing, customer service, refinancing, cash-out loans, consumer lending, student loans, and more.
The Situation
With the mortgage market softening as the Fed's rate hike campaign was getting underway, lenders generally were steering away from companies heavily exposed to the market.
Reviewing with our network of lenders, we secured several debt options to provide their desired capital in the form of a committed debt facility with low fees and warrant coverage and maximum flexibility.
Provider of rooms intended to create an office room of peace for people at work.
The Situation
COVID was not good to physical goods companies and office space alike. ROOM was a victim of both.
A term loan credit facility to fund their rebounding revenue, expand their international sales channels and bring new products to the market increasing valuation significantly going into a larger equity round.
Developer of a web-based platform designed to assist in teaching on-demand software skills.
The Situation
With historical growth but largely forward-looking "up and to the right" projections...there was a gap in the company's view of their debt servicing ability and the market's.
We ultimately worked to structure a del with one of our venture banking relationships to secure a $6 million term loan to fund the deal alongside the equity investors.
Operator of a bitcoin ATM network intended to help the world gain access to virtual currency.
The Situation
With alternative investor backing and being crypto-focused, the market for lenders looking to lend was tight.
One of our most creative lending partners put together a $10M Senior Secured Term Loan Facility to capitalize the company without requiring any equity co-investment.
Our clients are our proudest accomplishments. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for every client with whom we work.

Before we engage any client we conduct a thorough review and vet the market to present feedback. We want to show our clients what we can do even before we get engaged.
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