James Turner

Founder & CEO

James started an entrepreneurial career with an e-commerce business out of his college apartment. After selling off the business upon graduation he spent some time in the stock market trading options. Realizing his true interest in the field of growing businesses, he shifted to starting to work with companies at their earliest stages. James, bringing his business and finance experience, saw an opportunity to partner on an equity basis with early-stage product & market-focused founders to launch and scale businesses.

As time grew and the business evolved, James has led various strategic initiatives, whether micro or macro with respect to the firm’s direction. Today, James’ focus lies with leading sales & business development strategies of the firm. As the company continues to evolve, James’ focus sits more and more with overall firm strategy and direction – leading the charge in the development of new revenue streams and market opportunities for continued growth.

John Moffitt

Co-Founder & President

John has always had a passion for working with innovative people who want to make a positive impact on the world. This passion led him into fields of politics and governance early in his career, affording him the skills and experience he carries with him to every venture today. He worked in Washington D.C. during which time he collaborated with legislative directors to craft new policies and research new avenues for progress. Shifting to the Massachusetts State House, he further developed his skills in problem-solving and identifying creative solutions to each project on which he worked. This experience in creative problem-solving and working within teams drove John to the venture space. The industry has allowed John to continue discovering passionate people and teams to drive innovation in today's world.

Today, he utilizes his skills in team building and innovative problem-solving, focusing on overseeing business operations and the strategic development efforts of 5th Line Capital.

Scott Bloemen

Chief Financial Officer

As 5th Line's chief financial officer, Scott is responsible for working with the executive team to monitor the company's financial strength, strategic direction, and growth initiatives.

Scott is a seasoned finance and accounting executive with significant experience in venture and private equity backed organizations. He has led several exits totaling over $300MM in value, has raised over $100MM in various forms of funding, and brings a network & expertise in the growth-stage technology space.

He brings expertise in guiding companies through periods of accelerated growth, having navigated several successful exits.

Taylor Smith


As an associate at 5th Line, Taylor is responsible for organizing meetings with entrepreneurs, supporting the executive team, deal sourcing, and project management.

Taylor is seasoned in the process of supporting executives and ensuring a smooth growth and expansion process. She brings experience in project management and research for growth and development.

Peter Bendoris

Advisor, Business Services

With nearly 3 decades in the venture finance space, Peter brings an extensive network and suite of knowledge to the team. Peter's background has largely been in technology banking, working in many of the well-known tech banks over the years.

Peter's focus within the firm is opening channels leading to strategic partnerships and strong business development relationships. With Peter's network 5th Line is able to explore new avenues, launch new revenue streams and work with more players in the venture space.

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